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saturn replacement bulb guide

Whether you’re an expert Saturn mobile electronics installer, or a novice Saturn enthusiast our Saturn light bulb size guide can save yourself a lot of time. When you need to replace the headlight or fog light on your Saturn, finding out the replacement size can be a time consuming task but our automotive light bulb size guides are here to help! Whether you’re upgrading to a hid conversion kit or just replacing your existing factory bulb our Saturn automotive bulb size chart will make finding your correct bulb size easy! Always verify all bulb sizes, bulb voltage usage and bulb wattage before applying any information found here to your vehicle.
Model Year Low beam High beam Fog/Driving light
Astra 2008 9005/HB3 - 9145/H10
Aura 2009 - 2007 H11 9005/HB3 H11
Ion 2007 - 2005 9007/HB5 H/L 881
- - - - H11
- 2004 - 2003 9007/HB5 H/L 881
L300 2005 H11 9005/HB3 899
L series 2004 - 2003 H11 9005/HB3 899
- 2002 - 2000 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
LW series 2004 - 2003 H11 9005/HB3 899
- 2002 - 2000 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
Outlook 2009 H11 9005/HB3 H11
- 2008 - 2007 H11 9005/HB3 H16/5202
With HID 2009 D1S - H11
With HID 2008 - 2007 D1S - 5202/H16
Relay 2007 - 2005 H11 9005/HB3 -
SC series 2002 - 2001 9006XS 9005/HB3 880
- 2000 - 1997 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
SC1 1996 - 1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H3
SC2 1996 - 1995 H4666 - 893
SL series 2002 - 1996 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
- 1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H3
Sky 2009 - 2007 H11 H9 H11
SW series 2001 - 1996 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880
- 1995 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H3
Vue 2009 - 2008 H11 9005/HB3 H11
- 2007 - 2002 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 880

Low Beam Headlight
Low beam headlamps are used as your primary source of light while driving and is intended for use whenever other vehicles are present ahead. Low beams provide a distribution of light designed to provide adequate forward and lateral illumination with limits on light directed towards the eyes of other road users, to control glare. More
High Beam Headlight
High beam headlamps, often referred to as “brights” are used as your secondary source of light while driving and only suitable for use when alone on the road. High Beams provide a distribution of light with no particular control of light directed towards other road users' eyes as the glare they produce will dazzle other drivers. More
Fog Light
Fog lamps provide a wide, bar-shaped beam of light with a sharp cutoff at the top, and are generally aimed and mounted low. They are intended for use at low speed to increase the illumination directed towards the road surface and verges in conditions of poor visibility due to rain, fog, dust, or snow. More